Jewish Man Emigrates From Germany BEFORE WWII Still Considered ‘Holocaust Survivor’

Christians For     By CFT  Team               Sun., May 10, 2020

One might intuitively think a “Holocaust survivor” is a Jew who actually spent time in a German concentration camp, but apparently any Jew who emigrated from Germany even prior to World War II and managed to “survive” the war in a country that the Germans didn’t even occupy now qualifies as a sanctified “Holocaust survivor”:

As the May 8 anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat in World War II approaches, Henry Wuga spoke about his past to Scotland’s Daily Record in an interview published Sunday.

Wuga, who was born in Nuremburg, was still a teenager when he fled Nazi Germany on the “Kindertransport,” which evacuated children threatened by antisemitic persecution in the late 1930s, just before the war broke out.

“It’s such a very important date,” he said of VE Day. “At one point, when I came to the UK, we had all been interned on the Isle of Man so we were all behind barbed wire thinking that if the war was lost, the Nazis would come and get us. It was horrible.”

Wuga managed to leave the internment camp and worked as a chef in Glasgow. When the news of the defeat came, “We didn’t go to the big celebrations in George Square — we just had a quiet celebration at home with [my wife] Ingrid and her parents after we heard about it on the radio.”

“It was a bittersweet time as my mother was still hiding in Germany,” he said. “You can imagine what it meant to us that the war had ended.”

A month later, Wuga was told his mother had survived the war.

How does passing the entire war in peaceful Glasgow working as a chef qualify you as a “Holocaust survivor”?

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