CAPTURED: 114 Saboteurs, 2 US Special Forces, In Venezuela (10sec vid)

Fort    By Joaquin Flores           Thurs., May 07, 2020

CARACAS – The authorities of Venezuela announced the arrest of 114 saboteurs, the search continues for 92 more, who managed to penetrate the country. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the detention of two US citizens among this detachment. He specified that 25 thousand military men were mobilized to search for the remaining saboteurs.

“Among those captured were a traitor Antonio Sequera and a citizen named Baduel, who stated that among the invaders were two Americans […],” said Maduro during a televised address.

US citizens detained during the operation are Luke Denman and Aaron Berry. Maduro even showed the documents that were discovered with them.

Responsibility for the attempted invasion was claimed by Jordan Goodro, an ex-employee of the American special forces from Florida, who runs the security company Silvercorp USA. Denman and Berry, he said, are also retired Special Forces – the Green Berets served together in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They played Rambo. They played heroes, ” said Maduro, emphasizing that the Venezuelan authorities were aware of the preparation of the invasion even before it began.

Earlier, the Venezuelan Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the prevention of an attempt to land militants from Colombia in the northern zone of the country.

According to official information, the militants were planning to get to the republic on high-speed boats, and the landing was planned at the port city of La Guaira, 30 km from Caracas. The militants were resisted by the Venezuelan Armed Forces. As a result of the clash, eight saboteurs were eliminated.



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