Social Distancing Violation: Cops Beat Unarmed Man (2min Vid)

Free Thought    by Matt Agorist             Mon., May 04, 2020

A disturbing video began making its way around social media over the weekend after it showed a cop punching and attacking a man over an alleged social distancing violation. The NYPD cop has been placed on modified duty since the video went viral.

The video showed a raging NYPD cop charging at bystanders on a Manhattan street with a Taser in his hand, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Sunday.

As the video shows, NYPD officers were involved in a violent arrest of a man and a woman outside of a store. NYPD says the man was getting arrested for improperly social distancing.

According to PIX11, a group of people were standing on the corner of Avenue D and East 9th Street around 5:30 p.m. when officers told them to leave, according to an NYPD spokesperson. Most of the group complied, but some remained on the corner, the spokesperson said in a statement.

When the remaining stragglers failed to disperse, that’s when police became violent and defeated the entire purpose of social distancing in the first place. As police were violently arresting Shakiem Brunson, 31, and Ashley Serrano, 22, Donni Wright was one of many bystanders filming and observing the arrests.

City Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, who represents the neighborhood, also spoke out publicly against the officer’s actions in the video.

“Regardless of what transpired before the video, what is the justification for the rage? Where’s the professionalism and de-escalation tactics we should expect? We will hold these officers accountable,” she said on Twitter.

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