Romance Novelist Planned The “Perfect Murder” Of Husband

The Daily     By Rachel Olding        Thurs., April 30, 2020

Oregon writer Nancy Crampton Brophy, 69, and her husband of 27 years, chef Daniel Brophy, had been struggling financially for a few years leading up to 2018, barely surviving month-to-month and falling behind on their mortgage repayments.

So, Crampton Brophy, a failing romance mystery novelist who penned a now-infamous essay titled How to Murder Your Husband, did just that, killing Brophy in mid-2018 so she could get $1.5 million and start a new life, police allege.

“[She] planned and carried out what she believed was the perfect murder,” Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill wrote in a memorandum filed in the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, first reported by KGW8. “A murder that she believed would free her from the grips of financial despair and enter a life of financial security and adventure.”

Nearly two years after Brophy was shot in the back at his work, prosecutors finally revealed a motive in the sensational case this week and outlined some of the meticulous planning Crampton Brophy allegedly went to.

The 69-year-old made a bail application on Tuesday, asking to be let out of prison while she awaits trial because she is at high risk of contracting coronavirus. A judge denied her bid on Wednesday, citing the strong prosecution case, The Oregonian reported.

In a written memorandum arguing against her release, Underhill said that homicide detectives had learned, after interviewing the couple’s friends, that Crampton Brophy wanted to sell their home and travel the world, but she didn’t think she could convince her husband to do it.

After Brophy’s death, Crampton Brophy stood to receive around $300,000 in home equity and $1.15 million in insurance payouts, including life insurance and a worker’s compensation claim that would have been paid out because Brophy was killed at work. She was an insurance agent and sold herself the policies, for which she was the sole beneficiary, Underhill wrote.

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