FDA Approves Abbott ID NOW Test Kit -Detects COVID-19 In 5 Minutes (1min vid)

Inside Tech World.com    By Rahma Ilyas      Fri., April 03, 2020

Food and Drug Administration – FDA – approves portable testing kit ‘ID NOW’ by global pharma giant Abbott Laboratories for its test kit that detects and gives the final results for positive coronavirus testing in just 5 minutes.

The testing device has received the U.S. regulator’s nod and will soon be available for countries that laggard in testing people, around the world.

Abbott said in an official statement that “it has received emergency use authorization (EUA) from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for fastest available molecular point of care test, delivering positive results in as little as 5 minutes and negative results in 13 minutes.” This means it has not been fully cleared or approved by FDA, but the FDA allows it to be used in an emergency by authorized laboratories and patient care settings.

The new Abbott ID NOW rapid testing platform is a lightweight box of 6.6 pounds. It could be placed outside the hospitals in offices, clinics, or any other public place. The small test kit will bring an alternative testing technology to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Abbott is hopeful that with its ID NOW testing kit it can perform 5 million tests approximately in April.

Continues here: https://insidetechworld.com/science/abbott-id-now-test-kit-covid-19-minutes/

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