This King Could Die, But Not From Covid-19 LOL :-)     by National File             Mon., Mar.30, 2020

Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn, 67, has turned the Covid-19 self-isolation up a notch by applying for a special permit to rent out the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl at a time where all other hotels in Germany have closed down to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Honey 9, the hotel is “located at the foot of the Alps, the Grand Hotel boasts a panoramic view of the snow-covered mountain range, with access to ski activities and ‘exquisite rooms, suites and apartments.’”

The king has been spotted around the hotel with women from his harem.

No stranger to Germany, the Thai king reportedly owns a $12M mansion at Lake Starnberg. However, unlike other royals or celebrities, the South-East Asian monarch decided to hole up at a hotel rather than at the comfort of a home.

The decision to spend the pandemic in Germany, however, has not gone down too well as Thailand copes with the deadly Covid-19.

Protests over the royal’s whereabouts have broken out, according to Tatler. The king has not been seen on home soil since February.

Tatler reported:
Tens of thousands of Thai citizens broke the strict lèse-majestélaws, which ban them from criticising the King and can result in a 15 year prison sentence, in order to call out his actions online. A Thai phrase that means, ‘Why do we need a King?’ has been shared 1.2 million times on Twitter.

Other royals have been impacted by the pandemic as well, with Queen Elizabeth II in quarantine after having met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who tested positive for coronavirus.


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