People Are Having Corona Parties. Do They Know Something We Don’t?


Red         By Alex Parker            Mon., Mar.30, 2020

On Sunday, as you may know, the President extended social distancing guidelines ’til April 30th. One way to push it to, say, July 30th? Everybody get together in crowds like idiots.

We’re on our way, according to HuffPost. As per a Sunday write-up, people are throwing “coronavirus parties. Hence, cops are shutting down the contagious congregating. And arresting people:

Amid nationwide efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, police have been busy breaking up parties and even arresting some people who refuse to comply with social distancing rules, including one man who police say defiantly threw two parties in a week.

It’s so bad, the governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, had to tweet about the transmissive travesties. “Can’t believe I have to say this at all, let alone for the second time. But here we are,” he wrote Saturday.

It was a blunt edict:
“NO CORONA PARTIES. They’re illegal, dangerous, and stupid.”

Plus a threat:
“We will crash your party. You will pay a big fine. And we will name & shame you until EVERYONE gets this message into their heads.”

Phil’s post came after an incident Friday, in which cops broke up a potentially respiration-wrecking reception attended by 47 people. That blockhead blowout — held inside a 550-square-foot apartment in Ewing Township — even featured a DJ.

Great idea. Put on some Bee Gees. Everybody dance to the days of discovid-19.

But wait — there’s moron:

That same night, police in Charles County, Maryland, said they arrested 41-year-old Shawn Myers after he allegedly hosted roughly 60 people at his home. It was the second incident at his home in four days.

During the first incident, on March 22, police said they let Myers off with a warning after he agreed to “disperse the crowd.” On Friday, Myers allegedly refused multiple requests to comply with officers’ demands and was charged with violating the governor’s emergency order.

Well, there ya go.

So while you’re keeping your distance and trying to be responsible, just know that somewhere there’s a group of people bobbing for apples.
Such is the world.


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