Biology Teacher Censored For Explaining To Students That Evolution Isn’t Science

Christians For     by CFT Team               Thurs., Mar.19, 2020

After a small school district in upstate New York received a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) that one of their biology teachers recently ‘undermined the theory of evolution to students’, the teacher was disciplined and forced to go along with the notion that evolution is ‘settled science’ and that it is ‘unconstitutional’ to ever question any of it:

FFRF sent a letter to Holland Patent Central School District Superintendent Jason Evangelist on Feb. 18, advising that a “concerned parent” had alerted them to the classroom talk at Holland Patent High School.

It said that biology teacher Phil Lucason told students that when they take the Regents Exam, they will have to “play the evolution game, where evolution is the answer to everything.” He explained that none have been “able to find when something becomes something else” and that evolution is contrary to genetics, such as if a dog “underwent several mutations and became a cat.”

Lucason also reportedly told his class that polar bears could mutate among themselves from brown fur to white fur, but that the eye, for example, could never have evolved because of its complexity and the necessity for a series of mutations.

“So, what that means is that you have to play the evolutionary game because the people writing this are married to that idea, despite the new proofs and the science coming out,” he is quoted as saying about the exam.

FFRF claims that it is illegal for Lucason to speak against evolution in the classroom and  teach creationism.

Obama and Darwin – Masonic hand signals  above (r. a. note)

“Mr. Lucason’s attempt to undermine what he was teaching is both unconstitutional and pedagogically deplorable,” it wrote. “Teaching creationism or any of its offshoots, such as intelligent design, in a public school is unlawful because creationism is not based on fact.”

The atheist and agnostic organization pointed to various court rulings that held that teaching creation science in the classroom would violate the Establishment Clause by promoting religion.

Evolution is not science at all — it is a metaphysical proposition that can never be tested, and no experiments can be conducted to prove its validity. Never the less, it is taught as fact.

What could be so harmful about teaching children that evolution is merely an untestable proposition rather than a scientific fact?

And notice that they don’t merely object to the teaching of Creationism — they also object to sharing any information with the students that could possibly undermine their unquestioning belief in the religion of evolution.

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