Toilet Paper Be Damned! Here’s The Solution!     By Emilia Mazza              Wed., Mar.18, 2020

As toilet paper shortages cause supermarket mayhem around Australia, savvy Aussie mums with a knack for DIY have revealed their ideas for coping with the situation.

With shoppers stripping shelves of product daily, one Melbourne mother sick of going into battle for precious loo roll devised a unique solution by using face washers.

Emily Hughes, a mum-of-one, said the cloths are colour-coded for each family member, and once used are soaked in a nappy bin before the lot are put through the wash with a “lid of Sard plus clothes washing detergent”.

“With all the panic going on, I thought there has to be a better solution. I used the same reusable washers a lot when my daughter was a toddler,” she told

“They are soft, light and better for the environment than baby wipes. You can wet the washers with warm water and they work similar to a wet wipe. I purchased them from Big W, but other low cost chain stores stock similar items, or washers.”

While Ms Hughes’ seven-year-old loves the solution because she has been learning about sustainability at school, her husband took “some convincing”.

At this stage, while the family still has some toilet paper in the house, there isn’t a strict rule as to whether the face washers are used for “number ones or number twos”, with Ms Hughes saying it’s up to the user.

One woman recently took to a Facebook group dedicated to the hardware giant Bunnings to reveal how she had fashioned a solution using microfibre cloths.

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