Student Stripped Naked And Raped On School Bus                By Kassidy Vavra         Mon., Mar.09, 2020

A student with learning disabilities was allegedly assaulted for 17 days by other students on a school bus, and the acts escalated to rape before the bus driver notified the school district, a new lawsuit alleges.

“(She was) Stripped naked. On the bus,” Lee Parks, one of the attorneys for the child’s family claimed.
“The bus driver, after the rape in a half-hearted attempt to report it, said he’d seen something. He didn’t say what,” Parks alleged, The Sun reports.

Attorneys told WSB-TV the girl — referred to in the lawsuit as “Jane Doe” — has the mental capacity of a five-year-old.

In the lawsuit, it details graphic accounts of the alleged assaults, which are said to have occurred from April 5 to 20 last year on a Fulton County School bus in Georgia, US.

One student allegedly moved from his seat in the bus — which had only three or four rows as it was specifically designed for those with special needs — and groped the girl, 11Alive News reported.

A second student, “emboldened by the lack of discipline an restraint,” was then emboldened by the first student and began to assault the girl in escalating attacks, the lawsuit claims.

These acts eventually heightened into the girl being “stripped naked, physically battered and raped,” the lawsuit claims.

The suit says it was only on the day that the girl was raped that the bus driver notified the school district of anything occurring on the bus, 11Alive reported.

Even then, the driver allegedly only told the school he “noticed something”.

“The driver was separated immediately,” a spokesperson with Fulton County Schools told The Sun of action the district took after the incident.

The suit said medical examinations deemed the girl’s condition was consistent with the allegations, WSB-TV reported.

“The bus driver in this case was completely derelict in his duties and repeatedly exhibited a wilful and deliberate indifference to maintaining student discipline and ensuring student safety,” the suit says.

Parks told 11Alive News that a person who works with the school district said video and audio recordings from the bus captured all the alleged incidents.

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