Planned Lecture On Eva Braun, Hitler’s Lover, Criticized By Germany’s Anti-Semitism Official    By Reuters and Algemeiner Staff      Sun. Mar.01, 2020

The German government’s antisemitism commissioner, Felix Klein, has criticized the Technical University of Braunschweig for a planned lecture on Hitler’s lover Eva Braun (pic above).

Klein called the planned lecture in a series about women in world history “completely incomprehensible and ahistorical,” as reported by the Sunday edition of Germany’s mass-circulation Bild newspaper.

The university strongly rejected the accusation that it was encouraging Nazi ideas: “In the end result, this is a contribution against right-wing extremist legends,” it said in a statement.

At the same time, the university distanced itself from the title of the lecture, which was “‘… I, the mistress of the greatest man in Germany and on Earth …’ – Comments on Eva Braun.”

“That people feel offended by the title of the event, which is indeed ineptly worded, for that we are sincerely sorry,” according to the university. The lecture was ultimately cancelled due to illness.

The university added that it is now being considered how the researcher behind the lecture, who is known to have integrity, can explain his work, which is “namely to critically reflect on why a historically insignificant woman like Eva Braun still receives a lot of media attention to this day.”

According to the report, a Jewish family had complained to Klein. (pic below)




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3 Responses to Planned Lecture On Eva Braun, Hitler’s Lover, Criticized By Germany’s Anti-Semitism Official

  1. bigcree1 says:

    Please Germany, get off of your knees!!!


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