Corona Virus: “The Perfect Scapegoat And Decoy” – Commentary

Posted by r. a.    Via Blacklisted       Fri. Feb.28, 2020

The following is a commentary on the possibility that the corona virus is a scapegoat/decoy. That is, the virus exists, but the real culprit that is causing the deaths is 5G wireless technology for digital cellular networks. The virus is being used as a scapegoat until 5G can be deployed worldwide. The commenter provides credible info that appears to support their argument.

Here’s the commentary by — Grace by Faith

I think it’s a hoax not because the virus doesn’t exist, I think it does, but I don’t think it kills, I think it’s 5G that’s starting to kill people and they needed a scapegoat until 5G can be deployed worldwide. Household cleaners and disinfectants, even hand sanitizers like Purell, kill coronavirus, it’s right on the labels.

So, I think this exercise has two purposes: a) a beta drill for pandemic economy/market/supply/distribution reaction and an excuse to beta test the very first ’round up’ (medical martial law/quarantine) of the entire population for mandatory vaccines – to infect the world with this virus. And b) they needed a decoy to cover-up 5G injuries/deaths that were starting to occur mostly in China who deployed it first.

Probably wasn’t until 5G got going a few months in Wuhan when they realized some people were dropping like flies (from lack of oxygen in the blood), so they deployed this virus as a scapegoat, then realized together, they had a perfect weapon – 5G + mild virus = faster death.

Thus, they can blame it solely on the virus so they can continue deploying 5G to the rest of the world and no one’s the wiser. Pushing the lie that 5G is safe is imperative to be able to deploy it everywhere, and they’ve got an entire world to cover so they’ve only just begun.

If you look at the cities where 5G was first deployed – Wuhan was the first city in China.

They have over 170,000 5G base stations now that were operating by the end of last year. Continues below pic.

Take a look at the effects of 5G on living things (60Ghz is the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules), then compare them to the symptoms of this ‘virus’ – fever, dry cough, no mucous we’d usually find in this virus, cyanosis – turning blue (lack of oxygen), then dropping dead while walking down the street or shopping,

This starts to make sense. These are symptoms of oxygen starvation, different lengths depending on the person’s health, age, etc.

One tech said 5G killed flies and bees instantly when it was switched on. But he lived to write about it, which means it takes a little bit of time (a couple of months) to kill humans by depleting their bodies’ ability to absorb oxygen into the blood.

It appears that most of the deaths being reported are in 5G deployed cities like Wuhan, Milan, Venice.

The list is quite long, even the Carnival Cruise ship which has military grade 5G. Compare the 5G deployment dates and locations to when the ‘virus’ started killing people, to their mandatory quarantine lengths where they are hit constantly by 5G.

You can’t escape these frequencies in hospitals or homes (yes, the new hospitals they built b/c of this virus in China all have 5G), to doctors and those who are dropping dead with no symptoms, and there are some eerie coincidences, that is, if you still believe in them.

They should call this perfect weapon Kung Flu, because it literally kicks your ass.


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