Is Preachy Pete Using A Practiced ‘Obama Voice’? You Decide! (Two 23sec vids)

The Clash     by Wes Walker            Wed., Feb. 26, 2020

The currency of the realm on the Left is some ephemeral (lasting for a short time) thing called ‘authenticity’. So what if it turns out that Peter Pander has been a faker wearing a cynical mask all this time?

He desperately wanted the job as President, right? Did he want it enough to pretend he is someone he’s not?

If Obama’s ‘hope and change’ approach was enough to catapult POTUS44 into high office, all Preachy Pete has to do is recreate that winning formula, and he’s off to the races… right?

Did he take on a voice coach in order to LARP (role acting) this campaign as PseudObama?

Watch these tweets!  The first one Pete is in sync with Obama, while the second vid presents Pete’s voice as it was before.

One anonymous Twitter account (that is clearly on the left) claims that Mayor Pete’s new voice is very different from what it used to be. (If your browser has trouble opening the following link, the original source can be found here.)

Hmmmmm, seems pretty damning, doesn’t it?


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