Dem Debate: “Bringing A Wallet To A Knife Fight”, “Hammered” and “Defended Against Attacks”!

Russian    By Moon of Alabama    Mon., Feb.24, 2020

The various reflections of last night’s debate between Democratic party primary candidates give a consistent picture.

— Bloomberg lost. He had brought a wallet to a knife fight and made a generally bad impression. Even the news service that carries his name headlined: Bloomberg Hammered.
— Buttigieg was again exposed as the soulless fluff he is.
— Biden is frail, confused and talks too much.
— Warren gets some points for hammering Bloomberg. But that is it.
— Klobuchar gets points for hating Buttigieg but is otherwise too mechanic to attract votes.
— Sanders ably defended his positions against attacks from all sides.
–Tulsi Gabbard was unfortunately not invited.

This impression seems to be correct:  Carl Beijer @CarlBeijer – 3:01 UTC · 20 Feb 2020Bernie Sanders is debating like a frontrunner, confidently advancing his agenda and fending off attacks. Everyone else is frantically trying to make some kind of game-changer happen, throwing up one-liners and cutthroat attacks like Hail Marys with the clock winding down.

The Democrats will likely have a brokered convention. If there is no candidate who gets a majority in the first round, hand selected ‘superdelegates’ will also vote. They will select the candidate the party’s paymasters want. They may even try to rerun Hillary Clinton through this backdoor.

All candidates but Bernie Sanders seen to be fine with such anti-democratic schemes. When the moderators asked if the candidate with the most delegates should automatically become the party nominee the answers were:

– Bloomberg: No
– Warren: No
– Biden: No
– Buttigieg: No
– Klobuchar: No
– Sanders: Yes, the inclusion of superdelegates is not indicative of a democratic process.

Matt Duss @mattduss – 1:37 UTC · Feb 20, 2020 noted that the leader of the Russian opposition, Alexei Navalny – are now rooting for Sanders.” Navalny is a xenophobe and racist nutter. He compared Muslims to cockroaches who should be killed. He does not lead anything and certainly not the Russian opposition. Polls in Russia have him at 1%.

Still – Sanders foreign policy is probably the least aggressive in the field with the exception of probably Gabbard’s. But first he will have to win the big fight to become the nominee. The powers that be will do their best to prevent that.




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