Germany: Mass Shooting Shamelessly Exploited “To Smear”

American Free   By AFP Staff           Thurs., Feb.20, 2020

Here we go again. An individual, who is very obviously mentally disturbed, murdered several people in a mass shooting.

But rather than chalk it up to the work of an insane  individual and report his views about alien autopsies and his claim that President Donald Trump “stole his ideas,” the left-wing mainstream media almost exclusively focused on his views about immigration in an obvious effort to smear anyone who believes in strong border controls.

According to reports, on Feb. 19 at 10 p.m., Tobias Rathjen, 43, (pic above) opened fire on two nightclubs in the German town of Hanau, killing nine people. Following that, Rathjen raced home, where he shot and killed his 72-year-old mother before killing himself.

Germany’s main newspaper, Bild, reported that Rathjen rang a doorbell at the first location, the Midnight “shisha” bar. Once inside, he shot and killed six people. Those victims were described as five men and one woman.

A shisha bar is similar to a hookah lounge where a molasses-based tobacco concoction is smoked in water pipes.

Bild added that, at a second location, the Arena Bar & Cafe, Rathjen killed three people outside.

European tabloids were quick to publish uncorroborated stories about the incident as well as his victims, focusing on the fact that they were from the Middle East, Turkey, and Eastern Europe. They quickly labelled Rathjen “far right” and then tore into conservative and right-wing politicians with the implication being that those who call for scaling back immigration are complicit in his violence.

Rathjen also made a nutty video in English about underground bases and mind control, which can be seen here.

Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are pulling the videos as fast as they are posted. The video can also be seen here. It has already been removed from multiple sites, so there is no way to know how long it will stay up.

Of course, what is also missed here is the fact that Germany has extremely strict gun control laws, yet this clearly paranoid, unhinged individual was still allowed to own a hunting license, which allowed him to own a firearm.


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