Ayatollah Tweets ‘Wealthy Zionists Control US’, US Senators Ask Twitter To Ban Him

Russian Insider.com     By Tyler Durden           Thurs.,  Feb.20, 2020

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei asserted that the United States has reached the “peak of arrogance,” and is controlled by “wealthy Zionists and their corporate owners,” which makes it a “manifestation of oppression, abhorred by the world,” he said further, as reported in The Jerusalem Post.

The statement comes after the Islamic Republic’s top cleric and head of the regime previously slammed Trump’s Mideast peace plan “Deal of the Century” as  “satanic” because it ultimately represents the “Jewishization” of Jerusalem and the suppression of Islamic identity.

“To the dismay of US politicians, the satanic, evil US policy about Palestine — the so-called Deal Of The Century— will never bear fruit, by the grace of God,” Khamenei wrote on his official Twitter account in late January.

Earlier this month the group of Republicans including Ted Cruz (Tx.), Tom Cotton (Ark.) Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.) wrote in the letter to Twitter:

“While the First Amendment protects the free speech rights of Americans — and Twitter should not be censoring the political speech of Americans — the Ayatollah enjoys zero protection from the United States Bill of Rights.”

Twitter has long defended its position of never banning heads of state from the platform, given the need to publicly articulate a country’s positions.

Israeli media has carefully documented Khamenei’s recent history of lashing out at “Zionists and Jews” on Twitter; however, as The Jerusalem Post notes, he’s long underscored a distinction between political Zionism and adherents of the Jewish religion:

Last year, the ayatollah said Iran is not antisemitic and that Jews live safely in Iran. He says Iran is only opposed to the “Zionist” regime.

Full article here: https://russia-insider.com/en/ayatollah-tweets-wealthy-zionists-control-us-senators-rubio-cruz-cotton-owned-israel-lobby-ask      Via Zero Hedge


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