‘Incredibly Sinister’–Starbucks Promotion of Trans Kids Charity — Siren Pic At Bottom

David Icke.com     By Gareth Icke         Wed., Feb. 19, 2020

Starbucks promoting a “transgender youth” charity through the sale of Mermaids cookies is “incredibly sinister” says author Douglas Murray.

“This is the crossover of one of the ugliest bits of capitalism with one of the most sinister things in our time,” says Murray.

Murray, who dedicates a significant chunk of his most recent bestseller The Madness of Crowds to discussing the hijack of transgender issues by the radical left, expressed his fury that so controversial an issue should be so casually used for marketing purposes by an international hot beverage chain.

Starbucks — the British branch — is currently donating 50p of each Mermaids cookie it sells to the British charity Mermaids.

According to the Mail:
Mermaids was set up by Susie Green, who took her son Jack – now Jackie – to Thailand for sex-change surgery at 16, because the NHS would not operate on someone so young.

The charity advises Government agencies, schools, the police and social workers. But critics say its advice is not objective, because it is run largely by parents with a transgender child.

Murray believes the association between Starbucks and Mermaids is toxic.
“Mermaids is a British charity which is actually quite notorious. It should be interrogated far more than it is. It claims to be supportive of young people who don’t know what gender they are and to advocate for transgender youth […]

I’m very sceptical about this whole thing. We’re allowing something utterly mad to go with the adults giving up. This idea that because you’re feeling a bit feminine one day and a bit masculine on another and it’s all so confusing — no, I don’t accept all of this.

I offer a weeks’ supply of actually edible croissant from any of Starbucks’ competitors to anyone who can actually define for me what ‘non-binary’ actually means.

Mermaids is an incredibly sinister organisation. I don’t accept that there’s such a thing as transgender youth. I think the adults have left the room on this and it is not for a major multinational like Starbucks to jump on board something on which so little has been thought about ethically and practically.”

Source: https://www.davidicke.com/article/564298/douglas-murray-starbucks-promotion-trans-kids-charity-incredibly-sinister

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4 Responses to ‘Incredibly Sinister’–Starbucks Promotion of Trans Kids Charity — Siren Pic At Bottom

  1. bigcree1 says:

    All the more reason to boycott this overpriced, overrated zionist $p0n$0red poison.


    • ron abbass says:

      I knew he was Jewish and it’s no surprise he supports fake Israel. As for his coffee, he can shove it — I drank it twice and it tasted like dish water. Thanks bigcree1 — a great link, much appreciated.

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