He Tried To Save Neighbor From Pit Bull Attack, Accidentally Kills Him With Crossbow

Newser.com     By Rob Quinn           Fri., Feb. 07, 2020

(Newser) – A “Good Samaritan” who accidentally killed his neighbor with a crossbow while trying to protect him from a pit bull attack will not face charges, authorities in Massachusetts say.

Police say they found the body of Joshua Jadusingh, 27, after they shot two aggressive pit bulls at a home in Adams on Wednesday, Newsweek reports. A child in the apartment was unharmed.

Investigators say that after hearing cries for help, the neighbor entered the apartment and fired the crossbow from the bottom of the stairs at the two dogs as they tried to attack Jadusingh, their owner, at the top.

The neighbor’s crossbow bolt hit one of the dogs in the scruff of the neck before going through a door and fatally injuring Jadusingh, who had barricaded himself in a room.

Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington says the neighbor went to the apartment carrying his legally owned crossbow after hearing somebody “screaming for help, saying ‘please, shoot the dogs,'” WAMC reports.

She says the neighbor is distraught. “He was actually quite good friends with his neighbor, and he knew that there was a child in the home, and it was a really, really difficult and stressful situation for him to be in and I think he did his best under the circumstances,” she says.

Harrington says the two dogs, which had a “history of aggression” and were usually kept in separate cages, were shot at the scene after they tried to attack officers.

Source: https://www.newser.com/story/286617/good-samaritan-kills-neighbor-with-crossbow.html

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2 Responses to He Tried To Save Neighbor From Pit Bull Attack, Accidentally Kills Him With Crossbow

  1. bigcree1 says:

    Whoa. I’m saddened to read of such a misfortunate story. Speechless.


    • ron abbass says:

      bigcree1, after I posted that article, I got to thinking that it may not be true. Using a crossbow to protect/save someone from a pit bull attack doesn’t ring true. A shovel or baseball bat would have done the job. Just a thought. The irony – you try to save someone and you kill the person. Thanks bigcree1 for commenting.

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