Orthodox Jews Slam Trump’s Peace Plan -“State Of Israel Does Not Represent Jewish People”

The Daily Sabah.com              Thurs., Jan.30, 2020

Orthodox Jews criticized U.S. President Donald Trump’s oft-delayed plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Twitter user David Asher shared the footage of their demonstration. Asher’s Twitter bio reads: “Anti-Zionist Spokesman David Asher’s Official Twitter Page. Researcher Scholar, Preacher, Activist.”

“We explain it as Torah Jews. Jews have no historical connection with Jerusalem. Jerusalem is just a sacred city for us. We do not accept the agreement of the century,” he said, adding that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.

The state of Israel does not represent the Jewish people at all,” he added.

Trump’s so-called peace plan unilaterally annuls previous U.N. resolutions on the Palestinian issue and has drawn criticism for giving Israel almost everything it demanded.

Following the plan’s formal rollout, thousands of protesters took to the streets in various parts of Palestine and Jordan’s capital Amman.

The “#FreePalestine” hashtag also quickly became the top world trend on Twitter.

Source:   https://www.dailysabah.com/mideast/2020/01/29/orthodox-jews-slam-trumps-peace-plan-for-israel-palestine-conflict

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2 Responses to Orthodox Jews Slam Trump’s Peace Plan -“State Of Israel Does Not Represent Jewish People”

  1. bigcree1 says:

    Jerusalem will always be the capital of Palestine. Period the end. It was, is and continues to be. Palestine. First, second, third and foremost.


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