Israel Halts Return Of Palestinian Bodies! The Zio-Excuse- Prevent Martyrdom Funeral Celebrations

Just wondering: Is it because the bodies of the Palestinians are missing certain organs? (r. a. note)     By Deutsche Presse Agentur      Wed., Nov.27, 2019

Israel’s defence minister says the bodies of Palestinian attackers will no longer be returned to their families, in a policy change meant to deter “terrorists.”

Naftali Bennett, who took up the post earlier this month, said he had ordered a complete halt to the release of the bodies, regardless of which organisation the attacker, or attempted attacker, was part of.

The army and defence establishment were informed of the change, which will take full effect after approval by the Security Cabinet.

Israel holds onto the bodies of Palestinian attackers to prevent funerals celebrating their martyrdom, and to use them as bargaining chips to trade for the remains of Israeli soldiers being held by terrorist groups.

Two Israeli civilians thought to be suffering from mental illnesses are presumed to be held captive by Hamas, the Islamist militant group which rules Gaza, as are the bodies of two Israeli soldiers killed in 2014.

According to a Defence Ministry statement, the policy change is part of “a broader deterrent process” against potential future attackers, and any exceptions will be made only at the minister’s discretion.

Israel’s Supreme Court approved the practice of withholding bodies in September.

Adalah, a legal group which advocates for Arab rights in Israel, has called the practice “collective punishment” and condemned the court’s decision as violating international and Israeli law.


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