USA’s Only All Black Male College Accused Of ‘Toxic’ Masculinity By Female Law Professor

The College    By Dalton Nunamaker (Georgetown Unv)   Wed., Oct.30, 2019

Morehouse College, the only all-male historically black college or university in the United States, promotes a “Morehouse Man” ideology based on ideals such as “acuity (intelligence), integrity and agency.”

This motto has produced civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. (pic above) and Howard Thurman, director Spike Lee, actor Samuel L. Jackson, and business-leader-turned-politician Herman Cain, among many other notable alumni from the 152-year-old, Atlanta institution.

But to one professor, the Morehouse Man is actually a “toxic idea.”

So says Georgetown University Law Professor Jill Morrison in a speech on campus last week as part of the Georgetown Women and Gender Studies Program’s “Gender+Justice Annual Faculty Research Colloquium.”

Professor Jill Morrison argued that the standards at Morehouse College create an “exceptionally toxic environment for those who do not conform to the ideal for black masculinity.”

Her presentation focused on Title IX discrimination of single-sex HBCUs in their transgender policies. During her speech, she spent time criticizing Morehouse College as a hotbed of toxic masculinity.

Morrison (pic on left) quoted an alumnus of the college who claimed the Morehouse Man ideal “…represents the perfect storm of homophobia, racial and class anxieties of exceptional negroes, masculine gender trouble, class conflict and fundamentalist religious baggage, or as some might say, ‘heritage or tradition.’”

Morrison’s comments came despite the fact that Morehouse has agreed to begin admitting transgender men, or biological women who identify as men, next year.

“Most troubling,” she said, is that “if a student transitions from a man to a woman or identifies as a woman, that student will no longer be eligible to matriculate at Morehouse and graduate.”

In contrast, Morrison reported that the historic, all-female Spelman College — Morehouse’s sister school — decided to accept trans women and let attending women who transition to men graduate.

Meanwhile, at the colloquium, Morrison had high praise for one institution. She noted the crown jewel of her research was Mount Holyoke College, a women’s college in Massachusetts, which accepts every gender identity except those born male who identify as male.

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