Is LtCol Alexander Vindman a Zionist Tool Being Used By Netanyahu To Dump Trump? We Think So.

Public Intelligence Blog   By Paul Adams & Robert Steele   Wed., Oct.30, 2019

Vindman is Jewish-American. Was he groomed to be America-First in Iraq, and, now, when the Zionists need Trump dumped, is he Israel-First as he throws Trump under the bus? Did Bibi have him in the WH as the perfect mole, as his insurance policy in case Trump did a 180 on Zionists?

This theory dovetails with the National Interest article, “Does Israel Have Something to Fear from Donald Trump?“ which says among other things:

“The Israelis are concerned that Trump will change his mind about supporting them in the same cavalier way that he switched his position with regard to the Kurds. “The conclusion we draw needs to be unequivocal: Trump has become unreliable for Israel. He can longer be trusted,” declared Shimon Shiffer in a column in Yediot Ahronot, the Israeli newspaper with the widest circulation in the country.”

Bibi, on his last legs, already has the Kushner pipeline, but Jared could never be used to dump Trump. Someone else was needed: An ostensible patriot of the first order. Do you get my drift? I’m just throwing theories around. He would have to be polygraphed or have his communications thin-threaded, but anything is possible.

“Vindman, a 20-year military officer, added to the mounting evidence from other witnesses — diplomats, defense and former administration officials — who are corroborating the initial whistleblower’s complaint against Trump and providing new details ahead of a House vote in the impeachment inquiry.”

Robert Steele: Let me be clear: Benjamin Netanyahu and Zionist Israel are America’s MAIN ENEMY.  We can discuss the British Royal Family, , City of London, and British Satanic elite totally intermarried with Zionists another time.

In my view, Netanyahu has decided that Donald Trump must be expelled, and someone like Tulsi Gabbard (a Hinto Brahmin who believes  the 1% have an absolute right to lord it over everyone else) should be President. Our President is under attack.

The fake raid against the fake terrorist, and the contrived testimony of LtCol Vindman, are in my view a “one two punch” from Benjamin Netanyahu against President Donald Trump.

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