O.J. Murdered Nicole Simpson And Had An Accomplice, Says His Ex-Manager!

Source:  New York Post           Wed., Nov.28, 2018

OJ Simpson’s former manager, Norman Pardo,(pic above) is making a documentary about the infamous murders — presenting the case that Simpson “didn’t act alone.”

The New York Post reports that Pardo — who describes himself as a friend of the NFL-great-turned-con, and worked with Simpson for nearly 20 years after his acquittal — has been developing the film for four years with co-executive producer, Australian Dylan Howard.

The series will be pitched next week to streaming services, cable and premium networks to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the homicides of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

“For the first time, the most thorough investigation into the murder ever conducted will be shared with America,” said Mr Pardo, who claims to have more than 70 hours of video of Simpson that nobody has seen.

“We have assembled a team of internationally renowned criminal investigators, experts and lawyers,” he said. “And they believe they cannot only prove Simpson was involved in their deaths — but for the first time reveal he had at least one accomplice.”

Howard, who formerly worked at Channel 7 in Australia before being sacked, is behind the Discovery ID crime series An American Murder Mystery and the series National Enquirer Investigates.

Simpson himself floated the idea that he had an accomplice in an interview from 2006 that was eventually broadcast in 2018, in which Simpson did not confess to the crime, but he described how, hypothetically, he might have killed Brown and Goldman.

He floated the possibility that he had help, mentioning a figure he called “Charlie.”

However, the general consensus is that Simpson murdered the pair himself.

A single set of bloody footprints were left at the scene and Simpson was photographed wearing a pair of the same kind of shoes that left the prints.

Drops of blood were found to the left of the footprints that DNA tests revealed was Simpson’s blood.

Also, a trail of his blood reportedly led into Simpson’s white Ford Bronco.


Below Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. This story, IMO, is just a lot of conjecture (Fakery ?) and it is meant to create interest in an upcoming Murder Mystery TV series. The murder continues to capture the attention of the public. (r. a. note)



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