Michelle Obama Told ABC To Axe Roseanne For Being ‘Pro-Trump’

YourNewsWire.com    By Baxter Dmitry        Thurs., May 31, 2018

Former First Lady Michelle Obama told ABC President Channing Dungey to axe the Roseanne Show — and minutes later the show was cancelled.

According to sources within ABC, Michelle Obama was ‘enraged’ and insisted that Roseanne’s apology was ‘inadequate’ in a telephone conversation with Channing Dungey on Tuesday morning.

The power play by Michelle Obama is the clearest sign yet that the Obamas have decided to conquer the entertainment industry and shape popular culture in their image. They also intend to destroy the careers of the few remaining public figures who do not propogate liberal ideology as part of their routine.

Just last week Barack Obama called Jay-Z and ordered him to urge young black artists not to show public support for Donald Trump, warning that their support could help him win a second term in office.

The Obamas also announced a wide-ranging deal with Netflix to produce shows for the platform — news broken by YourNewsWire, and debunked as false by “fact-checking” sites who are now having to eat their words, for the umpteenth time.

Make no mistake, the Obamas are intent on clearing the last remaining hold-outs from the entertainment industry, signaling their intent to use entertainment as Operation Mockingbird propaganda to indoctrinate the increasingly docile and unthinking liberal masses.

According to the ABC production staffer, Michelle Obama had been repeatedly complaining to senior management at ABC for weeks, upset that Roseanne had been making disparaging tweets directed at the Obama’s Netflix deal.

Michelle was also outraged that the network were giving a platform to a pro-Trump figure, warning that it could help Trump get re-elected, in much the same way Barack Obama warned young black artists could hinder Democratic chances at the ballot box in 2020.

Roseanne wasn’t fired because of a bad joke, she was fired for being a Trump supporter, and the liberal establishment, working in hand in glove with the network giants, have no space left for diverse voices in American culture.

It’s their way or the highway. The only way we can beat them is by boycotting Hollywood and cable TV garbage until they realize the people won’t stand for having political ideology rammed down their throats disguised as increasingly joyless “entertainment.”

Source:  https://yournewswire.com/michelle-obama-abc-roseanne/

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