Kim Jong-Un Denounced Israel For Brutal Massacre Of Palestinians   By Niamh Harris        Mon., May 28, 2018

North Korea has waded into the row over the Palestine crisis and condemned Israel over their deadly use of force on protestors at the Gaza border.

While the United States has supported Israel, many countries including North Korea has slammed the brutal tactics used by the Israeli Defence Force.

The Express reports: Kim Yong-Nam sent a message of sympathy to Mahmoud Abbas, president of Palestine, with the state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper describing Israel’s action as a “bloody clampdown”.

The newspaper said: “Kim in the message expressed deep condolences to the victims and their families.

“He vehemently denounced Israel for its brutal massacre and indiscriminate use of violence against the peaceable demonstrators demanding their legitimate rights.

“He reaffirmed the DPRK’s invariable support and solidarity with the just cause of the Palestinian people to build an independent state with East Kuds as its capital and gain their inalienable legitimate rights including the rights of the State of Palestine.”

North Korea regularly backs Palestine in its dispute with Israel, largely due to Israel’s alliance with the US.

When North Korea was largely propped up by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the hermit state regularly sent aid and weapons to Palestine.

During the 2014 Gaza War, North Korea again condemned Israel.

The country’s foreign ministry then said: “We bitterly denounce Israel’s brutal killings of many defenceless Palestinians through indiscriminate military attacks on peaceable residential areas in Palestine.

“They are unpardonable crimes against humanity.”

Israel said the IDF were acting in self-defence when they opened fire on protestors at the Gaza border earlier this month.

Tear-gas was also used, with an eight-month-old dying as a result of the toxic fumes.



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