Israel Protests To Russia For Welcoming Palestinian Hamas Delegation (Vid incl)

Pravda.Ru       Posted Fri., Sept.29, 2017

Israel voiced a protest to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (pic above) for welcoming a delegation of Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement in Moscow. Israel considers Hamas a terrorist organization and its activities in the country are banned.

Minister of Environment and Affairs of Jerusalem Zeev Elkin expressed the protest during a meeting with Russian FM Lavrov in Moscow, the Haaretz newspaper wrote.

According to the Israeli official, Salah al-Aruri, known as one of Hamas militant leaders, was among the members of the Hamas delegation in Moscow. The Israeli minister claimed that Salah al-Aruri receives money from Hamas and should be held accountable for organizing terrorist attacks in Judea and Somalia.

According to Elkin (pic on left), Salah al-Aruri is one of the masterminds of the abduction of three Israeli teenagers, who were brutally murdered. Moscow’s decision to welcome such a person is a big mistake of the Russian authorities, Elkin concluded.

According to Elkin, the Russian Foreign Minister was surprised and promised to find out how Al-Aruri received a Russian visa. The Hamas delegation arrived in Moscow from Cairo last week.

Hamas has been recognized as a terrorist organization by Israel, Canada, the United States and Japan. The movement is banned in Jordan and Egypt.

The Russian authorities do not recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization, nor do they interfere with its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. Russian President Putin refrains from public and personal contacts with Hamas representatives.



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