Netanyahu’s Son Claims Anti-fascists and BLM Are Worse Than Neo-Nazis.

Middle East Monitor   by Asa Winstanley   Posted Wed., Aug.30, 2017

Soon after Charlottesville, Yair Netanyahu (pic above), son of Benjamin N. posted on his Facebook page that while the neo-Nazis are a danger, “their breed is dying out” and, anyway, “the thugs of Antifa and BLM” are worse.

The young Netanyahu claimed that anti-fascists and Black Lives Matter activists “hate” Israel and America and are “getting stronger and stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life.”

Washington Post correspondent Ruth Eglash – who is married to a spin doctor who has worked for the Israeli government – apparently signalled her approval for Netanyahu’s Facebook claims by clicking “like” on the post.

All of this is yet another sign of the long-standing and apparently ever-growing alliance between Zionists and white supremacists.

What’s more, some liberals also seem to find it hard to condemn Trump. Haim Saban, Hilary Clinton’s “favourite billionaire”, is a mega-funder of Israeli war crimes.

Saban is a key funder of anti-Palestinian groups in the US and contributes toward Israel’s “war” on BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Although telling the Hollywood Reporter that he disagrees “with the president with what appears to be a moral equivalence being drawn between the Nazis, who are shouting, ‘Kill the Jews,’ and the protesters who came to counter that statement,” he still does “not believe that President Trump is a Nazi or anti-Semite.” Black Lives Matter, meanwhile, “is clearly an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel group.”

It’s quite telling that, while condemning the neo-Nazi movement, and mildly admonishing Trump, Saban could not bring himself to say anything positive about the anti-fascists who turned up to counter the Nazis, putting their lives quite literally on the line to do so. Indeed, Saban very much seems to agree with Yair Netanyahu, the hard-right Zionist fanatic who thinks BLM and anti-fascists are worse than Nazis.

The lines are being drawn.

The thin veneer of “liberal” or “socialist” Zionism is being exposed for the sham that it is. A “socialism” that systematically expels and excludes Palestinians and other Arabs simply because they are the wrong kind of human being is no socialism at all. Zionism’s inherently racist nature is become increasingly clear, even to those who in a previous generation may have supported Israel.

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