Pres. Maduro Calls On Trump To “Stop The Aggression Towards Venezuela”

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, speaks during the annual state-of-the-nation address at the National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, Jan 21, 2015. President Nicolas Maduro acknowledged the economic crisis wracking Venezuela during his annual address Wednesday night, but did not announce the reforms many had expected. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

TeleSur English   Posted Thurs., July 27, 2017

Maduro mused that he’d cherish the opportunity to “extend (Trump) a handshake and to tell him that we’re in the 21st century.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reiterated that his country wants to live in peace during an interview with RT Spanish Wednesday.

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Faced with a new round of U.S. sanctions against 13 Venezuelan senior officials, Maduro urged U.S. President Donald Trump to exercise reason and halt his administration’s interventionist policy in Venezuela.

“As president, I appeal to him, to President Donald Trump: Stop aggression towards Venezuela. Venezuela is a fundamental basis of stability in the whole Caribbean Basin,” Maduro said.

Contemplating an eventual meeting with Trump, Maduro mused that he’d cherish the opportunity to “extend (Trump) a handshake and to tell him that we’re in the 21st century.” He added that U.S. officials should “dismiss the Monroe Doctrine” because times have changed and these times required an acceptance of “diversity and new, more advanced relationships.”

Venezuela’s head of state noted that U.S. foreign affairs strategists should deliberate with greater rationale and end their aggressive stance because “Venezuela wants to live in peace, it wants to live quietly.”

He emphasized, however, that if the situation deteriorates beyond the harmonious confines of dialogue and peace, something that the people of Venezuela desperately want, “the Bolivarian Revolution will have to take up arms and, once again, we’ll be fighting under the same flag.”

Maduro also announced that Venezuela will sign new gas and oil agreements with Russia, as he emphasized the importance of maintaining good economic partnerships with major powers.

The announcement comes as the United States increasingly threatens and enacts sanctions against Venezuela. On Wednesday the U.S. Treasury Department made good on Trump threats to impose sanctions on the country if the National Constituent Assembly vote went forward on Sunday, July 30.

Maduro confirmed that despite U.S. attempts to rattle Venezuela’s economy via an “indirect blockade,” the country is equipped to meet all challenges. The end game of such obstruction, as was attempted in 2015 and 2016, Maduro argued, is to force Venezuela’s economy to default.

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