Hollywood Film “Oblivion” Predicts 2017 Super Bowl 51 Was The Last (Incl 3min Movie Clip)

The 2017 Super Bowl 51 (L1) was played on Feb.05, 2017. I don’t know if this has any significance, but if numerology is your thingie, notice that 51 > 5 + 1 =6 and the 1 before the 66 in the above pic suggests  666 (?).  (r. a. note)

INTELLIHUB   By Shepard Ambellas    Posted Sun., July 23, 2017

The 2013 Joseph Kosinski directed film “Oblivion” starring Tom Cruise may have drawn $286.2 million at the box office but it wasn’t very well-received by movie critics.

Critic Ignatiy Vishnevetsky writes:

“If nothing else, “Oblivion” will go down in film history as the movie where Tom Cruise pilots a white, sperm-shaped craft into a giant space uterus. The scene is more interesting to describe than it is to watch. Cruise’s sperm-ship enters through an airlock that resembles a geometrized vulva.”

“He arrives inside a massive chamber lined with egg-like glass bubbles. At the center of the chamber is a pulsating, sentient triangle that is also supposed to be some kind of mother figure. Cruise must destroy the mother triangle and her space uterus in order to save the Earth.”

According to the movie’s official description on Google, the film takes place in the year 2077.

Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) works as a security repairman on an Earth left empty and devastated after a war with aliens. Jack has two weeks left before his mission ends and he joins his fellow survivors on a faraway colony.

However, Jack’s concept of reality comes crashing down after he rescues a beautiful stranger (Olga Kurylenko) from a downed spacecraft. The woman’s arrival triggers a chain of events that culminates in Jack’s nearly single-handed battle to save mankind.

However, there is something far, far, more interesting about the film which needs to be pointed out — it predicts that the last Super Bowl on Earth was played in the year 2017 — Super Bowl LI (51)

In the dramatic scene, the character, Jack Harper (Cruise), appears standing in an old bombed out, war-torn, Stadium where some of the walls look rather crumbled but are still standing upright. Passages to the locker rooms can be seen but it’s dark inside. Graffiti on one sandstone colored wall reads: “World Champions 2017.”

One of the goal posts seems to be knocked down and twisted like a pretzel. And that’s when Harper (Cruise) says: “You know I read about this game. It was played right here — the last Super Bowl.”

Source:   https://www.intellihub.com/hollywood-film-predicts-2017-super-bowl-last/      Via: The Liberty Mill

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