Jewish Groups Push To Ban Alternative Views Of Holocaust On Internet

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By Carolyn Yeager   Via Liberty Mill       Posted Wed., May 31, 2017

IN 1998, AN ARTICLE APPEARED IN THE JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL REVIEW (JHR) penned by Mark Weber, titled “Jewish Group Demands More Anti-Revisionist Laws.” At that time, only five or six European countries had holocaust denial or hatred incitement laws. Now that number is 19 (virtually all), plus the European Union. Joining them are Israel, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

This is all due to the lobbying of Jewish groups, because, they say, “Jews’ rights are best protected in open and tolerant democracies that actively prosecute all forms of racial and religious hatred.”

But why should conducting research into the Holocaust and finding reason to have an alternative view be considered “hatred”? Only because Jews fear such views will spread if the public has the opportunity to learn what these researchers have found.

Thus, it is actually the Jewish groups spreading the hatred against those they have labeled Deniers. Back in 1998, Weber quoted some Jews who told deliberate lies about what the “revisionists/deniers” said. Itzhak Nener, Israeli deputy president of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ) charged at a meeting in June ’98:

“The denial movement has a historical institute [JHR] which is reviewing history and whose real aim is to deny the Holocaust. They have tremendous sums of money.”

In fact, the opposite was true. It was Jews, and the IAJLJ who had tremendous sums of money with which to operate, while the revisionists and their JHR operated on a shoestring in comparison. Another conference participant, Isidor Wolfe from Canada said:

“This growing [revisionist] group is using web sites to make amazingly ridiculous claims, like that they measured the gas chambers and found they were not big enough for people.”

Haha – as Weber wrote, “If revisionist arguments were really as absurd as these Jewish legal experts contend, there would hardly be a need for laws to punish anyone espousing them.” Since then, the effort has continued to be directed toward the legal process, hoping to block revisionists’ arguments from public access altogether via criminalization.

At the time, the IAJLJ planned to hold conferences in more than 20 other European countries to lobby for more anti-revisionism laws. Today, with all their success, they are lobbying for more stringent laws with harsher penalties. And, more importantly, to harass websites that present alternative views with the intent of getting them shut down.

Their goal is to make the Internet completely denial-free along with the countries where the majority of Jews live. Which really means a world-wide ban on all thought and speech that they deem to be detrimental to their interests! Big Brother, here we are.

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