Cannibalism: Cop Kills Man And Eats Him


Counter Current News     Posted Thurs. Night, Nov.25, 2016

Police in Dresden, Germany have recently announced the arrest of an officer “Detlev G.,” in the murder of a 59-year-old man from Hannover. Email and chat logs document that the killer cop had an agreement to meet, murder and consume his victim, who he met on an online “cannibal” web forum.

The 55-year-old officer, worked at Saxony’s State Office of Criminal Investigation, according to the state prosecutor, who described the officer’s “bizarre treatment of the corpse.”

The two met on November 4th, when the police officer cut up his victim’s body within four to five hours. Parts that were not consumed were buried outside in his garden according to the German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung

The men met this past October on the same cannibalism internet forum used by the infamous Rotenburg cannibal over a decade ago in 2001.

Still, many German newspapers are trying to downplay the cannibalism, saying that we do not have an official statement that the body was consumed at all yet.

It might in fact be stranger still to discover that the body was not consumed since the two met on a cannibalism website, and since the body was dismembered, indicating that this was not an officer out to administer some sort of vigilante justice to cannibals, but was instead engaged in the same activity himself.

Moreover, prosecutors explain that the victim expressed a desire to be killed and eaten, and online communications show an exchange that extensively discussed the killing and consumption via email, online chat, and text messages, before they finally met. Thus, German media downplaying this as “uncertain” seem dubious in the extreme.

“They did not know each other personally until then,” Maik Mainda, the Dresden head of criminal investigations told the press conference.

“The agreement was that the killing should take place immediately,” Mainda said further.

The officer “then used a knife to cause a life-threatening wound on the throat of the victim, which led to his death,” he explained.

“The suspect has told us that he then cut the victim into separate pieces, including many very small pieces, and that he also cut through bones. The suspect then buried the body parts on the sloping lawn of his property.”


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