Catholic School Board To Expel Students For Homophobia!

Homophobic Students expel

It was pointed out to me sometime ago that whatever the bible says to “DO”, Catholics/Christians “DON’T DO”. And, whatever the bible says “Don’t do”, Catholics/Christians “Do”! Here’s an example of that true-hearted expression. (r. a. note)

Life Site News  By Lianne Laurence        Posted Thurs., June 23, 2016

Canada -Burlington, Ontario -The Halton Catholic school board voted four to one Tuesday night to adopt a policy update on disciplining students for “homophobia … and harassment on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation” which critics say will see students suspended or expelled for stating Catholic teaching on homosexuality and gender theory.

The vote itself was a procedural violation since trustees had already voted down the “progressive discipline” policy update last month by a vote of 4 to 3. Trustee Anthony Danko argued vehemently at the June 21 meeting — to no avail — that to reintroduce the policy in the same session was a breach of procedure, according to a report by Tanya Granic Allen, President of Parents As First Educators (PAFE).

Danko also put forward a motion that a canon lawyer or board lawyer should define “homophobia” in a Catholic context, a motion which was defeated.

As for the “progressive discipline” policy, trustees Paul Marai, John Mark Rowe, Diane Rabenda, and Arlene Iantomasi voted for it, while Anthony Quinn voted against it.

Trustees Danko, Helena Karabela and Susan Trites abstained, on the grounds that the vote was against the will of the board.

The HCDSB amended its Code of Conduct six times in the last four years to conform to the education ministry’s requirements for equal and inclusive schools, but with this latest update, students who breach the Code of Conduct can be punished with suspension and expulsion.

The policy explicitly notes that under the Code of Conduct, the board “considers homophobia, gender based violence, and harassment on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation…unacceptable.”

LifeSiteNews had not heard back from trustees Quinn or Danko by deadline.

Quinn told LifeSiteNews in an earlier interview that he voted against the policy in May because under its terms, students could be found in violation of the Code by simply stating the teachings of the Catholic Church, if they made other students uncomfortable by doing so.

That can “easily” happen under this policy, confirmed Catholic lawyer Geoff Cauchi.

“It’s dangerous, because it will be used to discipline students and teachers who do nothing more than state the Catholic Church’s teaching on subjects such as homosexuality and gender theory, and state their support for it in a civil manner,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“And this is absurd for a system whose very purpose is to lead people to accept the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

Cauchi agrees that the policy should have clarified “a Catholic understanding of homophobia,” and stated explicitly that “the Catholic Church does not accept gender theory.”

It should also have included “a conditional clause” that “in no circumstances would a teacher or student be disciplined for stating Catholic teaching on the subject of homosexuality and gender theory, and expressing support for [that teaching] in a civil manner.”

Continues here: I have abridged the above article. (r. a. note)

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