Savage Sons Of Lucifer, ISIS, Crucified Two Young Men In Northern Syria

ISIS crucify two

FARS News Agency  Posted Thurs., April 28, 20TEHRAN (FNA)- The ISIL terrorist group publicly crucified two young men in its stronghold city of Raqqa (Northern Syria), reports citing eye-witnesses said.

Informed sources reported, citing witnesses in Raqqa, that ISIL terrorists forced the local residents to gather on the square, where the execution of the two accused of cooperating with the anti-ISIL forces was held, and observe the process.

ISIL terrorist group has had to resort to more brutal ways to fuel more fear inside or outside its occupied territories, as government forces have been retaking major cities and slowly pushing the terrorists back to a diminished territories.

Earlier this week, the ISIL terrorist group executed 21 members in the city of Raqqa on charges of fleeing the battlefield.

They were executed on charge of escaping battles against the Syrian government forces across the country,” the source said.

Last week, the ISIL terrorist group in Iraq, in a brutal arbitrary execution, locked the groups’ defectors in a freezer for a day and killed 45 fellow fighters in a warning to other potential defectors.

The ISIL fighters attempted to flee the battlefield during recent fights. They were executed by being locked in morgue freezers in Mosul for 24 hours, left for a slow, presumably agonizing death.

Their bodies, then, were reportedly stretched out along the sides of the road at city entrances as a warning to other fighters on the consequences waiting for possible defectors.

The city of Raqqa which is considered as self-proclaimed capital of the ISIL group, has been overrun by the group since 2013.

The Syrian army, as well as the Kurdish militias, are currently carrying out offensives to liberate the city and its nearby areas from ISIL.


ISIS Created

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