BREAKING: Identities Of IDF Soldier Who Executed Unarmed Palestinian And His Commanding Officer (Vid incl)

IDF Soldier murder pal 2

I have abridged the following article. Full story at link.  Pic above is  El-Or Azarya, who executed the wounded and unarmed Palestinian. A merit certificate in upper right hand corner says he is a “top soldier”. (r. a. note)

Tikun Olam   by Richard Silverstein   Posted Sat., Night, Mar.26, 2015

Yesterday two Palestinian youths attempted to stab an IDF soldier (this account is in Hebrew with some English added) in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron. The soldier was lightly wounded and treated at the scene.

The two Palestinians were each wounded, one mortally. They both lay on the ground, without moving. Both were unarmed.

The Palestinian who’d been wounded, Abd al-Fatah a-Sharif, lay on the ground near a group of settlers and soldiers. One of the settlers said to the soldiers: “This asshole here is still breathing.”

IDF Soldier murder pal3An IDF soldier who was a medic in the unit and who had treated the wounded soldier, asked permission from his commanding officer to “finish off” the wounded Palestinian.

Apparently the commander approved. The soldier walked to within six feet of the wounded Palestinian cocked his rifle and shot him.


The above still image of the moment of execution which show the murderer in the middle of the picture. He stands just behind his commanding officer (speaking on the phone). A bystander to the left covers his ears as the killer shoots at the wounded Palestinian, in the lower left of the picture. Lower left-hand corner you can see just the head of the dead Palestinian.

This practice is often called ‘confirming the kill’ in the IDF.

Many Palestinians are similarly executed by Israeli security forces, but few in as blatant a situation is these in broad daylight and on camera.

The IDF, as a result of the bad publicity, arrested the soldier. Lt Col Peter Lerner confirmed that the soldier killed the Palestinian, and that his commanding officer apparently approved the killing.

However, there is no word that the commanding officer himself has been arrested or detained.




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