Blatant Hypocrisy! “Like Every Other President, Obama Is The Principal CEO Behind “Terror Inc” -plus- Mirror Link

Obama we finance terrorists

PRESS TV    Posted Fri., Mar.25, 2016

US President Barack Obama’s recent call for the world to unite against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group is a blatant example of “hypocrisy” because Washington is one of the “leading exponents of terrorism around the world,” an American geopolitical analyst says.

The US government has direct and covert ties to terrorist groups in various countries, said Eric Draitser, who is an independent analyst based in New York City and the founder of

“We can point to literally hundreds of examples of the United States either fomenting terrorism, funding terrorism or using its proxies to do those things,” Draitser told Press TV on Friday.

“Terrorism is one of the most potent weapons that the United States has in its arsenal to achieve [its] political ends; this is true in the Middle East, this is true all over the world,” he added.

“Obama, just like every president before him, just like who ever will succeed him, is one the principal CEO’s behind terror Inc.,” Draitser stated.

Speaking at a joint press conference on Wednesday with Argentine President Mauricio Macri, Obama said, “The world has to be united against terrorism.”

“We can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security not only of our own people but of those all around the world,” Obama said.

The Daesh Takfiri group, which was reportedly created and funded by the US and its regional allies to destabilize the Middle East region, particularly Syria, has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Daesh terrorists now control large parts of Iraq and Syria. They have been carrying out horrific acts of violence such as public decapitations and crucifixions against all communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Izadi Kurds, and Christians, in the areas under their control.


Here’s a Mirror link titled “Hackers Trace ISIS Twitter Accounts To British Government”

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