Australia A British Zio-Colony Is Gearing Up, Militarily, For Potential Global Conflict

Aussie ship 2

Herald Sun  Via Daily Telegraph

By Simon Benson and Daniel Meers Posted Thurs., Feb.25, 2016

AUSTRALIA will embark on the largest peacetime upgrade to our armed forces in ­history in the face of a rapid military build-up in our region and multiple global security threats.

An unprecedented expansion of naval, air force and army capability over the next 20 years will also boost the size of the Australian Defence Force to more than 62,000 — the largest military force since 1993.

Australia’s spying capability and surveillance footprint will also be dramatically extended, making us the eyes and ears of the South East Asia region with the use of high-altitude, long-range unmanned drones for the first time.

Hi-tech missile defence systems will also be deployed for the first time alongside new long-range cruise missile capability for strike fighters as part of a sophisticated and “potent” war machine costing almost half a trillion dollars over 10 years.

The army will get new long-range rocket systems and the navy’s submarine fleet will double from six to 12.

The naval fleet will be substantially upgraded with air-warfare destroyers and anti-submarine warfare frigates in a strategic plan designed to maintain capability superiority in the region

The release of the 2016 ­Defence White Paper yesterday concluded that the risk of a foreign country attack on Australia was still remote but the military build-up, particularly by China, and the ­potential for regional conflict posed a potential risk to Australia’s national security.

“This White Paper is a plan to deliver a more potent, agile and engaged Australian Defence Force that is ready to ­respond whenever our interests are threatened or our help is needed,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

The White Paper, commissioned by former prime minister Tony Abbott, also elevated domestic and foreign terrorism as a key issue for the military.

Special Forces assault groups will be armed to rapidly respond to terrorist attacks on home soil, and ADF cyber and intelligence capabilities would become critical to preventing terrorist atrocities.



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