ISIS Leader Abu Baghdadi Threatens West And Israel! Yeah Right – He Is Dead!!!


I’ve abridged the two brief articles. [Baghdadi above] (r.a. note)

Mail Online  By Tom Wyke    Posted Sat., Night, Dec.26, 2015

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, (an Israeli agent) ISIS’s secretive leader, has released a rare audio statement calling for an uprising in Saudi Arabia and pledging future attacks in Israel.

Baghdadi pledged to attack Israel and the West, saying ISIS has ‘not forgotten Palestine for a single moment’. ‘And soon, soon with God’s permission, you will hear the footsteps of the mujahideen… We are getting closer to you day by day,’ he said.

And it was not clear when the recording was made, but it referred to a 34-nation anti-IS coalition announced by Saudi Arabia on December 15.

Baghdadi regularly attacks the Saudi kingdom in his recordings and slammed the Kingdom’s monarchy for their relationship with the West.

In his last message, he accused Saudi rulers of launching an air campaign against Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen only to please the West. The audio recording, which was attributed to the self-claimed caliph, was released today on social media.

The 24-minute recording would be Baghdadi’s first in seven months, during which ISIS has been dealt several blows in Iraq and Syria. The voice appeared to match previous recordings of him although it remains difficult to verify when the statement was recorded.


ISIS was led by an Israeli Mossad agent, Al-Baghdadi – who just died in an Israeli hospital after being injured on 18 march 2015.

According to two Iraqi news agencies, Alghad Press and Al-Youm Al-Thamen (the 8th Day), as well as sources in the Iraqi city of Mosul, Baghdadi died in an Israeli hospital in the occupied Golan Heights where he had been hospitalized for treatment after sustaining severe injuries during a joint attack of the Iraqi army and popular forces.

The Spanish-language Hispan TV television also released a report on April 25 in which it confirmed the death of the ISIL leader.

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