Priest Slammed For Showing Students ISIS Execution Of Coptic Christians Video

Coptic Xtians Priest slammed

THE EXPRESS UK   By Rebecca Perring      Posted Apr.01, 2015

The 16-year-old’s were left “sickened” and unable to sleep after RE teacher Krzysztof Jeruzalski played them the full unedited version of the grisly killings of 21 Coptic Christians.

But the controversial lesson has since sparked outrage among parents, who have flooded the school with complaints.

Mother Julia Piotrowska, 34, said: “My daughter was so sickened by what she saw she now has trouble sleeping. “I can’t for the life of me understand what possessed the priest to show them this horrific video.”

While another parent said it was “unimaginable cruelty.” She said: “My daughter cannot sleep. She is so upset about this [lesson]. What is the purpose of showing this to teenagers?”

The topic of the religion lesson at XIV High School in Szczecin in north-western Poland was martyrdom.

It happened in the final days of Lent, when Christians observe the forty days leading up to Easter.

Priest Mr Jeruzalski had apparently warned children that some of the images were “gory” and they were “free to leave” at any time.

He proceeded to show them the horrifying video of 21 Coptic Christians being murdered at a beach in February.

The school has now defended the actions of Mr Jeruzalski.

School director Anna Kowalczyk said: “The students were warned that what they were about to see was gory and were told they were free to leave the classroom and didn’t have to watch it if they didn’t want to.”

Mr Kowalczyk also criticised parents, saying they should have approached the school’s psychologist.

She added: “If the students were upset it is strange that the parents did not first turn to the school psychologist.

“The students would have received support if it really was as dramatic as they say.”


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