Who Assassinated Russian Boris Nemtsov? Was It Putin Or The Usual Suspects And A False Flag?

Boris Nemtso killed

INTRO:In my opinion, the male in the pic above does not look like a politician who was killed 200 meters from the Kremlin. It’s his jeans, shabby jacket and knitted shirt that seen out of character. Looks more like a down and out male. It could be a false flag of sorts.

In any case, Boris Nemtsov, leader of the Russian opposition was killed on Feb.27/15. He was a former deputy prime minister, the youngest governor in the history of Russia, and a former occupant of spacious offices in the White House.

According to Moti Nissani of Veterans Today, “Putin had no need to assassinate his opponents. He had an 85% popularity rating, by far, the highest of any politician on our war-ridden planet”. Nemtsov was a political small potato who posed no threat whatsoever to the immensely popular Putin.”

Nissani suggests that “America’s shadow government is either directly involved in Nemtsov’s assassination, or used one of its proxies to carry it out.”

“The list of proxies is certainly as long as it is hideous, and includes MI6, Mossad, the Saudi dictatorship, Ukrainian Nazis, Muslim henchmen such as Al Qaeda and ISIS—none of which would have hatched such a plan without the knowledge and sponsorship of the CIA.”

The following is an abridged excerpt from Nissani’s article title “Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?” (r.a. intro)  (picture below Boris Nemtsov on left and Bill Clinton on right)

Boris Nemtsov Bill Clinton

VETERANS TODAY by Moti Nissani   Posted For Sat., Feb.28 & Sunday, Mar.01/15

Before the dust of the bullets that terminated the life of Boris Nemtsev settles, allows us to make two predictions.

The first prediction is this. — The captive Western media will go out of their way to demonize Putin and attribute Nemtsov’s assassination to him. Day and night we shall be bombarded with stories of the defiant and heroic Nemtsov and the perfidious and murderous Putin.

By the time they are done, the average Westerner or Japanese will be almost as familiar with Boris Nemtsov as he/she had been with Lee Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Patricia Hearst, or Osama Bin Laden.

No real evidence will be presented against Putin, for these villains understand human psychology far better than their opponents—repeat a lie often enough and you would have succeeded in smearing your opponent and justifying your plan of murdering him.

The second prediction is this. –The CIA will orchestrate anti-Putin demonstrations the world over. We shall have anti-Putin concocted marches not only in the port city commanded by Wall Street, not only in the river city commanded by the City of London, not only in the ancient city commanded by the Vatican, but everywhere the CIA can stir up trouble.

More importantly and this is one probable reason Nemtsov was killed, there would be demonstrations by traitorous, naïve, ignorant, or misinformed Russians.

If these predictions come true, they would lend further support to the assertion that, most likely, the CIA is behind the assassination of Boris Nemtsov.

Source: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/02/28/who-killed-boris-nemtsov/

Source 2: https://www.opendemocracy.net/od-russia/mumin-shakirov/who-was-mister-putin-interview-with-boris-nemtsov

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