Former Female Air Force Officer Killed Herself After Sexually Assauled In Afghan – + – ISIS Hasn’t Killed One Israeli. Why Not? (1min vid)

Jamie Brunette

Mail Online   By Jill Reilly      Posted Mon., Feb.23, 2015

An Air Force Reserve captain whose family believe she was sexually assaulted in Afghanistan killed herself using her handgun.

Jamie Brunette, from Tampa, Florida, was found dead on February 9 by Tampa police in the back of her locked sedan near her apartment.

It appears the 30-year-old killed herself with her Smith & Wesson .380 handgun, which she purchased about six months earlier according to police, reports the Tampa Tribune.

The news shocked her family as Brunette, who left active duty after 11 years last June and joined the Air Force Reserve, had not shown any signs of being suicidal and was in the middle of opening her new fitness business.

‘She had so much going for her,’ says Jackie Leverich, 40, Brunette’s oldest sister.

‘She was so full of hope and wonderment and passion and excitement for life.’

To the outside world Brunette appeared happy – the week before her death she was posting photos of her studio being built with the caption ‘Doing work today!’.

It was due to open in a few weeks time and Brunette was part owner/part instructor.

But Leverich says she believes something traumatic happened to her sister in Afghanistan, saying the family noticed a change in Brunette on her return at her sister’s wedding.

‘She seemed upbeat,’ says Leverich, ‘but she wasn’t really giving us a whole lot of detail about life and what was going on.’

Leverich says she suspects that her sister was sexually assaulted in Afghanistan – she does not have any proof, but believes there was an incident.

‘I suspect she was assaulted, and she didn’t feel comfortable reporting it for some reason and internalized the incident so she could finish her deployment, which she did with flying colors,’ says Leverich.

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ISIS Hasn’t Killed One Israeli. Why Not? (1 min Vid)

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