Road Rage Cop Goes Bonkers: Shoots Innocent Woman In Head While Driving (link incl vid)

road rage cop

I have abridged the following. Full story at link. (pic above cop) (my note)

Source: Filming Cops via Blacklisted News     For Sun., Nov.30, 2014

TEXAS — An innocent woman has been shot in the head after reports say a driver with “road rage” opened fire on her.

The driver, Deputy Kenneth Caplan, is being charged for the shooting.

The shooting took place in southwest Houston when the woman was driving on the 610 South Loop during rush hour.

The woman was startled when Deputy Caplan maneuvered his vehicle so as to cut her off — presumably he thought that he owned the road.

When she was cut-off, the woman honked her horn at Deputy Caplan.

She then accelerated to pass Deputy Caplan. Once she passed him, she thought that the incident was over and she could drive peacefully again.

What she didn’t know is that Deputy Caplan was speeding up again alongside her, and this time he had his gun out.

The woman leaned back her head and miraculously avoided death — because she leaned back in a split second, Deputy Caplan’s bullet grazed her head instead of penetrating her skull.

“This case is one in a million. I don’t ever see this,” said a doctor at Memorial Hermann Hospital, commenting on how lucky the woman is to be alive.

With a “second chance” at life, the woman is using her energy to fight for justice and speak out against Deputy Caplan.

“He tried to kill me,”she said, adding “I’m worried that since he’s a cop, they’re going to let him off easy.”

Her worries seem to be justified, since Deputy Caplan has been charged only with “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon” — so far avoiding the charge of attempted murder.

Full story and vid here:

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