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UK Archbishop Unsure Of God’s Existence Because Of “Global Injustice”

Perhaps the good Bishop should “blow the dust off his bible” and read it. The answer to evil and the remedy is there for anyone who truly seeks it. Justice, peace, righteousness and truth will eventually be established via the … Continue reading

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Venezuela On Alert Over Deadly Mysterious Disease. Are People Of Color Being Targeted?

Ebola for Africa and now the dark people of Venezuela are the victims of a mysterious disease. Is it possible these viruses/diseases are lab constructs and are embedded in these continents to depopulate a nation – part of the UN … Continue reading

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The Deadliest And “Greatest Purveyor Of Terror On The Planet”!

  I have abbreviated the following, just a tad. (my note) Source: INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE   By Dr. Denis G. Rancourt Posted Tues., Sept.16, 2014 The US military-finance-corporate empire (US-Empire) is characterized by: –global military projection using over 1000 military bases … Continue reading

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Omen? Cloud Formation Suggests Scotland Will Separate From UK?!

I read a few other articles regarding the real possibility of Scotland separating from the United Kingdom (England) and one pundit suggested that if Scotland does separate, the Queen will remain as their monarch. If that should occur, Scotland will … Continue reading

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Scottish People Will Not Be Bullied By Rothschild Or Corporations.

Support For Scotland’s Independence From UK Rises. (pic credit The Telegraph) PRESS TV           Posted Sun., Sept.14, 2014 A new poll shows that support for Scottish independence has risen by eight percentage points above support for union with the UK, just … Continue reading

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For A Selfie A Teen Is Charged For Desecration Of Jesus Statute ++ Nude “Erected” Satan Statue Removed From Public Area.

By           Posted For Friday & Saturday, Sept.12 -13, 2014 There is an interesting case that in Pennsylvania where an unnamed teen is charged with “desecration” of a statue of Jesus in front of the Love in the Name of … Continue reading

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“Those Who Hate Israel, Hate America” — US Senator Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage

I have abbreviated the following (my note). DAILY CALLER       by Tristyn Bloom                    Posted Thurs., Sept.11, 2014 US SenatorTed Cruz was booed offstage at a conference for Middle Eastern Christians Wednesday night after saying that “Christians have no greater ally than … Continue reading

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New Testament Is An Abominable Anti-Semitic Book – Zionist Knesset Member

Hey Christian Zionists, are you waiting for a single Anti-Christ to appear in Jerusalem? Well there are many Anti-Christs who are presently occupying Palestine/Jerusalem. Wake the hell up! The Anti-Christ is not one person as taught by fundamental Christian pastors … Continue reading

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Why Is Pope Francis And Isra-Hell’s Simon Peres Seeking A “United Nation Of Religions”?

This is for those who believe the bible is a collection of fairy tales. One significant and notable bible prophecy is beginning to take shape before our very eyes. Here is that prophecy and the brief news article to prove … Continue reading

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Did The God Of Abraham Kill Joan Rivers? “If Only We Could Be Sure”

VETERANS TODAY   By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor      Posted Mon. Sept.08,2014 Infowars, Alex Jones and the fiendish monstrosities of the “entertainment industry” mourn the death of that evil bitch, Joan Rivers. Before slipping into a coma, a life lived far too long, … Continue reading

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