He Had Ballz! The Last Real Congressman Who Was Not A Zio-Flunky – Remembering Jim Traficant (Vid Incl)

I have abridged and edited, just a tad, the following. (my note)

Smoloko.com        by Scottie Spencer        Posted Mon., Sept.29, 2014

Former Rep. James Traficant, the Ohio politician whose career included 17 years in Congress has died at age 73 on Sept.27/14. Traficant’s family had been fearing for his life since earlier this week, when he was critically injured in a “tractor accident.” (It was only in a recent interview with “We Are Change” that Jim stated he feared for his life. That concern for his life is in the link below at the 12min mark of a vid – my note.)

A local newspaper yesterday reported here in my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio :

“The 73-year-old former congressman was in “very critical condition” since a serious tractor “accident” Tuesday night at his family farm in Greenford. The 1943 tractor he was driving ‘rolled over backward onto him while he was still in the driver’s seat, trapping him underneath. “

Now I’m no professional investigative detective here, but I’ve seen more than enough “accidents” like this happen to former outspoken and courageous government employee’s in and before my lifetime to suspect that there very well could be foul play involved regarding Traficant’s death.

Come on, the guy survives 7 years in a federal prison, but dies in a “tractor accident” ? Beam me up, as good ole Jimbo would say.

PS…( Ask anyone who knows how it works in official Washington and they’ll privately admit that the real reason Traficant was indicted on criminal charges was simply the fact that “the powers that be” didn’t like Traficant: he was just too honest and too outspoken.)

Jimbo ( Jim Traficant ) was one of a kind. A renegade Congressman that had the courage to expose and fight government corruption regardless of the consequences it brought to him.

I do not find one person in Congress at this present moment that even comes close to possessing his courageousness and self-promoting charisma.

Because of his fearless attitude, he spoke against the fraudulent not so federal, Federal Reserve Central Bank and also Zionist Israel. It’s not everyday a person can say they had a Congressman representing their hometown who took on the Zionist lobby!

Jim was one of the last U.S. Congressmen who had some balls.

In the following vid, Jim recounts how he came to the defence of Ukraine-born Cleveland autoworker John Demjanjuk who was falsely charged as a “Nazi War Criminal”. This pissed off the Zionist Lobby, big time.

Source  http://smoloko.com/?p=2195   via>> Henry Makow.com

Here’s the 5min vid interview with Jewess Greta Van Susteren of FOX news.

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