Scotland: Voting Count Manipulated – Caught On Secret Video (3min vid)

Vote riggingI have abbreviated the following. (my note)

VETERANS TODAY   By Gordon Duff Senior Editor  Posted For Fri. & Saturday, Sept. 19 & 20, 2014

40 million Scots weren’t allowed to vote in the referendum that ended up with a broad 10% “No” majority.  Scotland made it clear, we are sticking with what many Scots, what some of us know to be a clear majority, refer to as “the festering corpse of England.”

If the video is correct as to type of ballot used, it would not be considered legal in any international election.  Anyone could create a thousand of these in 20 minutes, they aren’t tracked by voter ID numbers, like paper ballots elsewhere, and their isn’t a concurrent computer record, though those, when used alone are easily hacked.  This is the worst case of “low tech” vote rigging since Tammany Hall.

For those of us who have worked as election observers, the video is obvious.  Were this an election in Ghana or the Ukraine, it would be internationally decertified immediately.  Based on this video alone, it is not unreasonable for the international community to choose to recognize an independent Scotland that would and should form a government in exile.

We aren’t going to be able to fix this problem with the referendum.  I thank whoever took this video and hope it wasn’t staged at “bin Laden Studios” in Tel Aviv as so many hoaxes are.  If it is not, and we will know that soon enough, there will be hell to pay.

The mainstream news will be fun to watch, just to see if they report any of it just before their own buildings are burned to the ground, which can very well happen under such circumstances.

We will see if, by the end of the day, this video is seen on television across Scotland, debunked as a hoax or buried.

Is the “referendum” the theft of the lives and honour of the Scottish people…?  If so, it won’t be the first time.


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