Five Reasons The Beheading Was A Hoax – David Halpin, Orthopaedic And Trauma Surgeon

behead of james foley

The pic at end of this article compares the face of the real James Foley on the right and that of the person who is said to be James Foley on the left. Are they the same individual?

Paul <Via >     Posted Wed., Aug.27, 2014

LETTER FROM: David Halpin (orthopaedic and trauma surgeon) TO: Sir Peter Westmacott Ambassador to the US

Dear Sir Peter,

I am prompted to write to you because I saw and heard you on what passes for ‘news’ in these isles on the likelihood of finding the British subject who carried out a supposedly heinous act. I note that a naive assumption has been made – that the recorded voice was that of the masked murderer.

Although I have served as an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon and thus was used to amputating limbs, I have shrunk from ‘videos’ allegedly reporting decapitation in Syria where HMG has been supporting terrorist actions against the sovereign government there.

However, because this terrible death of Foley was being given the full ‘mega-wattage’, I viewed it after my sister had sent me the link. I watched it several times, bracing myself as the knife was drawn across the young American’s neck.

It was obvious that it was a rather poor piece of prestidigitation (sleight of hand, deception). I made these comments to my sister (enhanced now for explanation) and they were placed on a web site. I understand that away from the MSM there is universal scepticism as to the ‘decapitation’.

1. Knife shown, if real, could not sever even the soft tissues. Same with Dr Kelly and his wrist. To sever tendons and nerves one needs a knife of scalpel sharpness. I know that in shechita, for instance, the knife is extremely sharp. (Personal communication – from Jewish butcher – I was on my way to Gaza via Tel Aviv.)

2. The neck – after ”beheading” is very clean cut and not bloodied. With a knife, that was likely not sharp, the skin inscision would have been jagged. Did the assassin take a wet cloth to clean the neck stump? Of course he did not. Maximum effect was the aim.

3. This stump of neck, parts of the right hand look pale and bland – looks like a dummy from an Oxford Street window.

4. I note ‘pixillation’ above the left ankle. Why?

5. The suit is NOT a Guantanamo ‘jump suit’. Someone had written of him being clad in a ‘jump suit’, from that torture centre, for extra effect.

We know it is poor conjuring, but the lie penetrates because the whole of our vile MSM conspires with the psychopaths who run the show. Furthermore, anti-Muslim prejudice has been massaged vigorously and the ‘big lie’ of Hitler sinks deeply in.

I am aware Sir Peter that the SIS in Britain have looked very closely at this ‘video’. Given its conclusion, I have to question whether there was a surgeon, anatomist and forensic pathologist on hand to add expertise to any conclusion.

Why should I question the ‘diagnosis’ here and have the temerity to approach you? It is because I have had a scientific training and a good deal of experience of knives and tissues, and blood.

Above all, I am sick in my 74th year of hearing lies, pulled out of thin air for geo-political reasons.

For truth and with kind regards,

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

My source:

Beheaded James Foley the real


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