Offbeat: Fem-Fashion Designer-Engineers Launch War Against Men

I have abridged the following. Picture credit link at bottom of article (my note)

By Richard Evans  (           Posted Jan.27 & 28, 2014

“The Future of Menswear Is Feminine”, says the tampon tabloid ‘JEZEBEL’ this week. 

I laughed at these photos from London Fashion Week.  THEY ARE NONSENSE.  The designers are all women. 

Fem Men clothes

Not surprisingly the emasculation of men goes part and parcel with feminism. 

Feminist ideology has twisted our society into a pretzel of me-ism and influenced lifestyle for the worst. We must remember the women’s movement of the 60-70s perpetrated a lie that there is no difference between males and females.

Of course, no men were consulted as to whether we want this new fashion direction. Any man can tell you that they are repugnant.   Even the sissies modelling these things look embarrassed.

The fact is, sissies or “femmes”, unlike women, want to create their own ensembles.  That’s why far more women’s fashion designers are sissies and bull fruits, not women.

By the way, bull fruits and ‘bears’ like to look SUPER-macho, like gladiators.  (remember the Village People from the Disco era?). Things like motorcycle gang chic.  NO self respecting butch would be caught dead wearing these feminist Ken Doll dress-up like Barbie infantile fantasy. 

This may come as a shock to feminist social engineers, but an estimated 45% of male homosexuals are butch and want to look like G.I. JOE – not an anorexic KEN doll in Barbie drag.

Then I started thinking, will the government get involved and make it mandatory for boys in public schools?   After all, the social engineering isn’t targeting males who are already queer.  That’s only 2% of the population in most places.  The target is the other 98%. 

The goal of these feminazi engineers isn’t to turn men gay – it’s to do away with ‘gender consciousness’ entirely. These lunatics want a ‘gender free society’.

Fem men clothes4

While we’re waiting for Gender Neutral dress codes to hit our grade schools, I expect we’ll soon see “The Stars” dressed like this on the covers of tabloids we see every day in checkout lines. 

We’ll see celebrities being praised for it ad nauseam on TV shows and news.   And people will go right on watching TV and laughing about it with their children.  In a year of so they’ll wonder why their sons start dressing like that.

We as a nation could put the brakes on this shit with a single act. 

If at least 80 million Americans cancelled their TV subscriptions abruptly – to-day, that would greatly concern the NWO engineers.  They’d have to take several steps back.

The only way that’s going to happen is a spontaneous wave of revulsion sweeping through the population.  It’s happened before a few times in history.

My grandparents said when the public gets fed-up with something, look out. It’s like flipping a switch.  

I read somewhere that around 411 AD, a generation came along in Rome that simply quit going to the Coliseum out of disgust for blood sport.

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