US Marines Kill 4yr. Old Afghan Toddler – Shrugs It Off Citing Bad Weather

Afghan child killedBesides this very brief article, I have included a 1min video in which a Canadian female MP urges the Harper government to deny refugee status to American war deserters. Spokesman for the Harper Zio-government assures her they will indeed take every measure to make sure they are not given asylum.

It was not like that in the ‘60- 70’s when the Canadian government gave asylum to many Americans who deserted for moral and religious convictions during the Viet Nam War.  The pic above is not the 4 yr old but an older Afghan child who was killed in a prior US Marine attack (my intro).  by Jason Ditz      Posted Sat., Jan.11, 2014

Outrage is spreading across Afghanistan yet again, after an incident early today in the Helmand Province where US Marines attacked and killed a four-year-old boy.

The US has shrugged off the incident so far, saying that the weather was “dusty” that day and they just assumed the four-year-old was probably the enemy.

NATO has said it will “investigate,” but reiterated that the US had taken “all possible measures” to avoid civilian deaths, except for apparently the measure of not shooting at children.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai was quick to condemn the killing, saying they have repeatedly warned the US against military operations against civilian homes and villages.

Though the young age of the child makes this a particularly major outrage, it is not uncommon for US troops to kill random civilians in this manner, and NATO investigations, to the extent they’re ever completed and announced publicly, virtually always exonerate the killers as having acted “appropriately

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