USA (New Hampshire) Lawmaker Resigns. Says Government Behind Boston Bombing.

It seems telling the truth or asking questions is just not kosher. Link to article has vid.

The Raw Story     By David Edwards    June 21, 2013

A New Hampshire lawmaker who said that the bombing of the Boston Marathon may have been a government “black ops” conspiracy resigned this week.

stella-tremblay-boston-false-flagIn a certified letter to the New Hampshire House Speaker’s office on Thursday, Republican state Rep. Stella Tremblay said that “Divine Providence” had presented her family with an opportunity that they could not turn down, according to The Associated Press.

Just a week after the Boston bombings, the birther lawmaker had posted a lin to an Alex Jones video on Glenn Beck’s Facebook page. Tremblay suggested that Saudi nationals, Secretary of State John Kerry and “black ops” soldiers had conspired to carry out the attack.

New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairwoman Jennifer Horn issued a statement on Thursday applauding the resignation and calling Tremblay “unfit for public office.”

A statement from the New Hampshire Democratic Party said that the “resignation was long past due.”

“It is telling that while Rep. Tremblay has finally resigned there has yet to be any kind of condemnation from Senator Kelly Ayotte, Republican Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, or Republican Senate President Peter Bragdon for her vile and chilling comments.

Under their leadership the New Hampshire Republican Party has become synonymous with radical Tea Party extremism, and there has been an epidemic of shockingly inappropriate behavior by New Hampshire Republicans,” the party’s statement noted.


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