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Network Movie Clip: “Mr. Beale, You Are Meddling With The Primal Forces Of Nature!”

This is a clip from the 1976 movie titled “The Network”. In this 4 min vid, Mr. Beale (the “I am mad as hell” news anchor) is lambasted by the President of “The Network” who reveals how the world works. … Continue reading

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WARNING Of Next Terror Event At National Scouts Jubilee In July, 2013- David Van der Beek, “next governor of Nevada”! (Incl Vid)

TERROR ON THE TUBE    May 27, 2013        Posted May 30, 2013 The “next governor of Nevada” David Long Van der Beek has warned about what he claims is a planned terror event at the forthcoming National Scouts Jubilee in July. … Continue reading

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Farrakhan: Unmasking The Agenda Of Those Within The Synagogue Of Satan (Vid link)

The following vid is presented for those who may NOT be aware of the Synagogue of Satan and their power over government policies, military, judicial system, media, film industry, publishing, education and monetary systems of most nations, especially the Western … Continue reading

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Who Is Wiping Who Off The Map? Legitimizing Crimes Against Humanity!

I have abridged and edited (somewhat) the following article. Desert Peace  May 26, 2012          Posted May 26, 2013 When a peaceable people is massacred and subjected to other forms of ethnic cleansing, we should call the spade a spade especially … Continue reading

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Stripped Searched: 28 Grade 10 Montreal (Quebec, Canada) High School Students

Refreshing Blog     May 25, 2013      Posted May 26, 2013 A school board in Canada has launched an investigation after school staff strip-searched 28 tenth grade students after a cell phone went missing during a final exam. The students at Cap-Jeunesse … Continue reading

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The “Chosen Ones” Plant One Million Landmines In Palestinian West Bank!

In 1997, Princess Diana was deeply committed to the campaign to ban landmines . She was appalled by the human and social consequences of this inhumane weapon, which strikes blindly at the innocent. Diana called for an international ban on … Continue reading

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America, “You Are The Terrorist”! (4 min vid)

Louis Farrakhan comments on the debate over gun control laws, America’s speeding toward fascism, their wicked policies and the push for war with Iran.

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A Stark Warning To The Jews. (2 min Vid)

Why did the Germans turn on the Jews? Ernst Zundel Warns The Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany. The same circumstances now exist in America that were present in Germany during pre WW2.

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Northern Truthseeker Rant – Canada Is A Blood Brother Of So-Called Israel

I have abridged the following. Full rant at link on bottom. Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 19, 2013    Posted May 21, 2013 Yes, it is Victoria Day weekend here in Jewish occupied Canada, and I still cannot believe that this … Continue reading

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Jewish “Trojan Horse”, Adam Kokesh, Plans To Lead ARMED March On Washington, D.C During Constitutional Convention

FROM THE TRENCHES via Jim Stone Freelance   May 20, 2013 Adam Kokesh, a **trojan horse** “gun rights supporter” is doing what it takes at EXACTLY the right time to get guns banned once and for all. Due to difficulties I am … Continue reading

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