Rachel Corrie: Gazans Commemorate Tenth Anniversary Of Her Killing By Israeli Bulldozer. (Incl Vid)

PRESS TV    By Ashraf Shannon, Gaza     Mar.16, 2013

People in Gaza commemorated the tenth anniversary of the killing of American activist Rachel Corrie by Israeli forces.

On March 16, 2003, Rachel was defending a Palestinian house from being demolished when she was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer.

She and a group of seven other American and British volunteers were dressed in fluorescent orange vests as they attempted to prevent the destruction of Palestinian homes in the so-called Philadelphi corridor along the border with Egypt.

Her death has inspired many international activists to come to the Gaza Strip.

Rachel sacrifice ten years ago as well the heroic effort her parents have undertaken over the past decade has done as much as anything else to bring Americans onboard in support of Palestine”.  rachel2 bulldozer proof

Despite Rachel’s tragic death International activists are adamant on helping Palestinians. Many of them travelled thousands of miles to help highlight the plight of Palestinians.

I believe that Rachel Corrie’s death was a murder that was part of the occupation, and I am here to support the people that are also against the occupation, also recognize the injustice that happened to Rachel Corrie along with the people of Palestine”.

In late August 2012 a civil suit in an Israeli court filed by Rachel’s parents ended with an Israeli judge exonerating the Israeli military for killing her despite all the incriminating evidence.

This not justice, we will continue to fight for justice for Rachel Corrie.

Ten years and we still want the Israelis to admit what they done was wrong ,unlawful and unjustified, and we will continue to fight for this”.

Ever since Rachel’s death, Israeli forces have carried many incursions in Gaza killing and injuring thousands of people and destroying thousands of homes.

Now activists say they want justice for Rachel who helped highlight the plight of Palestinians.

Rachel’s parents have continued to fight to put a light on Palestine to get justice for Rachel.

Most importantly what this death has done is highlighted the huge human loss for Palestinians.

Nine people were killed the next day in Rafah in the same place”.

People here say that they will always be grateful for Rachel Corrie who helped draw attention to their just cause.

Source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/03/17/293953/gazans-commemorate-10th-anniversary-of-american-womans-killing-by-israeli-forces/

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